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July 27, 2023

5 Steps to Making Your Construction Business Less Risky for Employees

Reducing workers’ compensation insurance claims is one of the most important steps every construction business should take. It reduces your costs overall. It also ensures your employees feel safe working with you. In the long-term, it also plays a role in which clients decide to work with you. How can you reduce risk? Here are a few simple ways to minimize employee risks.

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#1: Mandate Safety Training

OSHA and other safety guidelines change often. There are numerous rules and requirements that you and your employees must follow. That gets hard to manage over time. Having mandatory safety training on an ongoing basis is one of the only ways for you to ensure that all information gets clearly communicated to your team and you are comply with OSHA requirements.


#2: Make Wearing Personal Protective Equipment a Priority

It’s easy enough to look the other way when someone forgets to wear a safety vest, especially if it only takes a moment. Yet, these small mistakes build up over time, and any mistake could cause an accident. It only takes a moment to put personal protective equipment on. Doing so can save a life or minimize your liability if an injury occurs.


#3: Keep Workspaces Organized

In construction, it’s easy for equipment and tools to move from one area to the next. This can create clutter. Working to keep the space as organized as possible, and free from trash, debris, and materials, is essential. It helps to ensure your employees are less likely to trip or less likely to grab at a sharp blade, for example.


#4: Never Use Equipment Outside of Recommended Use

Prying something open with a knife is not a good idea. Using a saw in a way that creates risk of a falling, spinning blade, creates risk. Teach your team the proper methods for using any equipment on the job. Don’t allow them to use equipment outside of this range. When you follow manufacturer recommendations, it is less likely that injury will occur.


#5: Encourage Communication

Injuries and incidents can be reduced if you encourage your team to talk. Letting your employees know that they need to report all injuries and incidents so that you can work to fix any issues is important.


Taking these steps may help reduce workers compensation insurance claims. It can also help your business to operate more efficiently. Make some changes to see big results.

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